Top 10 EV Battery Manufacturers

With increasing interest in electric vehicles (EVs) from consumers, the market for lithium-ion EV batteries is now a $27 billion per year business.

According to industry experts, high demand has boosted battery manufacturers’ profits and brought heavy competition to the market. And by 2027, the market could further grow to $127 billion as consumers embrace more affordable EVs.

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Electric Vehicle On-board Chargers and Charging Stations

As the world is gearing up to unleash an EV revolution, it is still true that the rate of adaption is slow. Electric Vehicles (EVs) despite being a greener, smoother and cheaper mode of transport does not seem to be practical yet. The reason is two words, Cost and Ecosystem. Currently EV’s are priced substantially at par with Gasoline cars making it a less significant choice for buyers, the advancement in battery technology and government schemes are expected to bring down the cost of EV in Future.

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